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af YXE14

Epic Sana Algarve - Spectacular

Our stay at Epic Sana was extremely positive. From check-in to check-out the quality of service was exceptional. We had a duplex garden suite and the room had everything to offer for a comfortable stay. As it is winter not everything is operating at full capacity (restaurants and pools) but we knew that before arriving. The restaurant buffet is incredible and vast in food selection, the evening meal was also excellent. The staff in the restaurant is exceptional. The hotel staff when checking in and valet service made the stay such a positive experience. The room cleaning staff was exceptional as we arrived to a brand new room everyday! The location of Epic to the beach is incredible. The walk through the beautiful grounds on the way to beach is a short 4-5 minute walk. The stairs to the beach are easy to navigate and Praia de Falesia is a beautiful, very long beach offering spectacular views of the cliffside. Obrigado Epic Sana Algarve Team!!


af Viajante23458

Near Beach, Nearly Friendly!

Wonderful hotel right on the beach side and staff extremely helpful, and friendly. The hotel is spotlessly clean. ...a little bit of feedback - as it was winter time, the pool bar was closed. We have time to use Sayanna Spa that was also a great option! Would definitely recommend!


af Heike K Augsburg, Tyskland

Lovely time

There was only one restaurant a la card open. An there was not very much variety for diner. So we ate during one week often the same. But the food was excellent. The hotel was very clean und the site so beautiful. Also the people had been so kind.




I am generally not a person to complain. However I feel it is right to do this in relation to this hotel. I have waited 5 weeks since my return from EPIC SANA and my feelings are still very strong on this matter. I write this review in the hope that other travelers do not make the same error of booking EPIC SANA in the hope of expect a relaxing, quality resort. I wish I had received an accurate reflection of this hotel before wasting precious holiday time and money on a frustrating experience. If you were my friend or family I could not honestly recommend a stay in this hotel. I know you will leave your holiday frustrated and annoyed. I point to the following problems 1. Access to the beach area is via long long boardwalk and steep steps. Not easy if you have small children or mobility issues. Once at the beach there is limited access to sun loungers which need to be paid for extra. 2. OK. Then lets not go to the beach and stay by the pool. The pools are small in size for the number of guests and are not comfortable. They are also very cold. I don't think they provide heating to the water. Who wants to swim in a cold pool. Wim Hoff? I'm off...But be careful if you have young children. The steps and decking in pool area are in poor repair with cracks and breaks. 3. I'm here to relax by the pool and entertain myself with non water related activities. Not possible , the WIFI does not work properly in the pool area so better bring your own reading material. 4. You could treat yourself to a pool-side snack in the OPEN DECK dining area. Maybe so if you are happy to pay over 20 euro for a Burger and chips or Caesar Salad type food that is cold and poor quality and had to be returned to the kitchen on the majority of occasions we ordered food here. 5. The rooms are cold as a result of a mal functioning AC system that stinks. I am unsure of the reason for the odour but it is not pleasant. It took 2 days for the AC to regulate to a comfortable temperature 6. Maybe you like to relax in your room. Hopefully you like dark rooms. Many of the rooms have outside the window large ugly pine trees. This blocks any light and also means its not possible to relax on your balcony and soak up some sun. 7. On two nights of our stay during windy weather we were kept awake by the lovely sounds of Pine tree branches bashing off the balcony glass. Not a great way to try to spend a relaxing holiday 8. WIFI to the rooms is also of poor quality. 9. Mean spirited in a hotel that charges this amount per night to then charge guests extra money to use the indoor swimming and spa facilities. 10. There is a limited choice of restuarants in the immediate vicinity of the hotel. 2 mediocre Italian Pizza parlours and one or two local restuarants. There is one bar which does not seem to offer much apart from a few TV screens and a pool table. 11. The staff are friendly, polite and helpful but are let down by the standard of the facilities on offer. 12. As a disclaimer all the issues we encountered during our stay were relayed to the hotel management. They were receptive in their willingness to help us. However there is little that they can do to resolve what seem to be continuous issues relating to the facilities . Making complaints to hotel staff should not be part of anybodies holiday agenda so if you want to avoid this disappointment and inconvenience I suggest you look at other hotels in the Algarve area that will cater for your requirements. I wish we had!! Finally the hotel management did offer by way of compensation the possibility of 2 nights free stay in the future at EPIC SANA ALGARVE. I appreciated the gesture. However I could think of better places to stay during my holiday than return to a hotel that my family and I tried to leave and move to another hotel on every single day we stayed there. Each day we said we would give the place another chance. This was not a successful strategy !!!


af Sandrinedu78 Velizy-Villacoublay, France

Excellent hotel, everything was perfect and above our expectation for a 5 stars hotel

We had a 5 stars stay in the hotel, all in the details, room was nice in a Japanese style with comfortable and XXL bed and large terrace.Breakfast is excellent with a cook doing the eggs and omelet. Indoor swimming pool was very warm, and opened all day & night, access to the sea is very easy and nice.