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af Jesper W

Dejligt hotel!

Vi er netop kommet hjem efter to ugers ferie på både Skopolos og Skiathos. På Skiathos boede vi på bl.a. Avaton Suites. Gode store værelser. God service fra alle - særlig tak til Elenie :-) kan varmt anbefale hotellet!. Hotellet ligger ca 15 min gåtur fra Skiathos by. Skal jeg pege på to ting der ville være godt. En parasol på terrassen og en lounge stol på værelset.


af stellagounari Thessaloniki, Grækenland

Holidays of a lifetime!

A 5* experience in this amazing boutique hotel. Starting from a lovely and super kind staff to our luxurious suite with the private jacuzzi. Fresh local products served at breakfast, big variety to suite all tastes and an amazing pool area with a breathtaking view. We’ve just booked for next year, so see you soon xx


af Panagiotis T

An Oasis of Luxury and Relaxation: A Memorable Stay at Avaton Suites.

I had a fantastic stay at Avaton Suites and Villas. The spacious rooms were beautifully designed, offering a perfect blend of comfort and elegance. The highlight for me was definitely the hot tub – a relaxing oasis where I could unwind after a day of exploring. The pool and pool bar added a refreshing touch, making it easy to soak up the sun while sipping on delightful beverages. And let's not forget the stunning views that provided a picturesque backdrop throughout my stay. This hotel truly offers a unique and memorable experience for those seeking both relaxation and luxury.


af mightbeg2023

Money grabbers

This place is a total rip off. Not luxury at all. Many things broken / falling apart etc. - see photos. When we complained, we were just told we should have told the staff something earlier. This is a classic gaslighting tactic used to deflect the blame onto the customer. This way, the hotel shifts focus away from its own failings. We’ve seen the hotel doing this repeatedly in response to other bad reviews online. The fact is, it is the hotel who thought it appropriate to charge ridiculous amounts of money for a totally inadequate room. It should not fall to the customer to complain, get into a row and waste precious time on their honeymoon (we did send a detailed complaint via email during our stay). The hotel should simply not have tried to scam us in the first place by taking our hard earned money in exchange for something that was not as advertised. The hotel also argued that they would not offer us a “discount” based on our room not meeting our “tastes”. This is actually laughable and simply doesn’t make any sense. Our complaint was about many things being broken / falling apart / dirty in the room (see the photos of splintering door frame, broken skirting boards, electrical wire and pipes sticking out the wall, filthy lounger chair, leak coming down from jacuzzi above…) How are these things a matter of “taste”?? I think others reading this would agree with us that this is absolutely NOT a matter of taste, but one relating to the actual quality (or lack thereof) of the hotel. Our suite was run down, dirty and simply not worth even half of what we were charged. Ridiculous. I would also say that our dissatisfaction with the lack of facilities is not a matter of “taste”. When they hotel saw we had to use one of the two drinking glasses provided for our tooth brushes (because there was was no tooth brush holder) they did not even have the decency to provide us with another glass for drinking. As well as many things being broken and the room feeling very run down, the lighting was terrible and not adequate to light the space properly (there was also very little natural light). In a luxury hotel there are certain standards that should be met - plain and simple. Poor lighting that does not light the space adequately is not what I would expect from a very expensive hotel. Again, not a matter of taste. Ultimately, the way the hotel has dealt with our complaint (essentially doing their best to bullsh*t us) leaves a very bad taste in the mouth, and makes it clear that we are basically dealing with greedy, not-very-nice people. Oh also, if you stay here be warned you won’t get any advice about the island / beaches / restaurants etc because the staff only push the hotel’s own businesses on you - e.g. they only recommend their own restaurants, and beaches where they have very expensive sun beds. Anyway, after reading this hopefully you don’t make the same mistake we did, and find somewhere else to stay!


af India J

Absolute rip off - not as advertised

We booked a week here for our honeymoon in one of the suites and feel totally ripped off. First, I’ll start by saying that the staff serving the breakfast etc. were lovely and attentive. The bed was made every day and the room tidied up - all great. No complaints there. The problem was the actual standard of the room itself. While big, you could tell the room had been done to a very cheap standard - to the point where a lot of stuff was actually broken / falling apart. It also felt quite empty/stark and generally just really run down. It was very very dark with barely any natural light. The main overhead lighting was the worst, cheap blueish-white LED lighting that made the room look like a morgue - definitely not what you’d expect from a ‘luxury’ hotel. I find this to be just such a massive slap in the face after paying so much money… surely a luxury hotel can provide some decent lighting? There were 2-3 tiny wall lamps by the bed and a mirror … but these did zero to actually light space properly, which felt completely dark and oppressive. I think this factor alone says a lot about how money-grabbing this place is. Moving on. The floor was cheap plastic-y laminate, the bathroom not well equipped (no tooth brush holder or holder for the soap, and no light over the mirror so my husband ended up not shaving for a week). There were a lot of ‘botched jobs’ in the bathroom - things fixed haphazardly with silicone etc which looked dirty and ugly. The shower was full of lime scale and the shower drain was blackened and old. The toilet door frame was completely splintered and broken, and was not even attached to the wall properly. Skirting boards were broken/coming away from the wall. There was a live electrical wire sticking of the bedroom wall wrapped in tape..??!! Not only an eye-sore but potentially dangerous. There were pipes sticking out of the wall.. clashing paint where they’d clearly ran out and continued in a similar shade.. The jacuzzi outside was directly under a leak coming down from the jacuzzi above. Light switches weren’t working. The air con was oldish and the remote only worked when you pointed it directly at the unit which was round the corner from bed so we had to get up in the night to turn it on / off. The lounger chair on the terrace was absolutely FILTHY. R.E. The communal area - there weren’t enough tables for the guests for breakfast so people often had to wait for others to be finished before they could be seated. And the pool wasn’t brilliant - ugly, gym-like tiles and white plastic piping on show. Final note - we’ve stayed in far, far nicer places for much less money both in Skiathos and other Greek islands at the same time of year. Frankly, this place took the p*ss. We expressed all this to the staff but they said we “should have told them earlier” and told us they could have offered us a free meal or something like that. This would not have sufficed, anyway. They also reminded us that “*everything* was very expensive in high season”…. that this was “just a fact” - implying we should simply expect to pay so much for so little? Oh dear. Like I say, we’ve stayed in much nicer places for much less money in high season. We said the only thing we’d be interested in would be some of our money back. They said they “don’t do discounts”… as though we were asking for a favour. Ha! (Big difference between a refund and a discount, no?) All in all we spent a week in a dark, depressing, falling-apart room that did not deliver on the promises made by the website or the artfully manipulated photos online. It’s so obvious when a hotel is run by greedy, money-grabbing people who just want to rake in big profits while delivering as little in return as possible - and this was definitely what we experienced here. (Don’t even get me started on the fake-brand coke and other soft drinks in the mini bar at 4 euros a pop.) Total scam. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.