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Indlæg af Allison H Portsmouth, Storbritannien

New year in the desert

We arrived here on the 30th December and stayed for four nights. We stayed in an Al Khaimah tented villa which was beautiful. The rooms were very spacious and the outside area with the pool was huge with plenty of outside furniture. The pool was lovely and warm. The food was excellent. We are vegan and at the buffet the chef always prepared something special for us. The food at The Farmhouse was also excellent, especially on New Year’s Eve, the selection and quantity were very good. It was no problem at all that wee were vegan, we were very well looked after. We did a couple of activities which were good, the animal feeding drive and The Rainforest which was a very relaxing walk through spa area (we did that three times!) Bikes were provided at the villa which was great and we enjoyed using them but if you wanted you could call for a buggy which always arrived almost instantly! Finally the staff were excellent, always asking what they could do to be of help. We would love to return.


Indlæg af RAC25A Japan

Great conveniently located desert resort near Dubai for family with kids.

<Overall> Very nice and conveniently located resort in the desert with lots of nature activities for kids. Highly recommended if you want to go to some kids friendly high end desert resort. One thing to note and hope them to improve is their service quality. Their service level were not really 5 star hotels that are charging US$1800+ per night compared with other similar price range hotels in the world. However, I could feel they’ve tried their best to provide better services after I have made several complaints on the first day and that made me want to come back to the resort again. (Note: Main reason for me to chose expensive hotels for our family holiday is to “relax” while avoiding hustles of making complaints to get what I need as I know I am VERY detail oriented and picky.) <Background> We have stayed there for 3 nights at Al Khaimah Tented Villa with a swimming pool, 1 King Bed & 1 Sofa Bed with 2 adults and 2 kids (6yrs & 3yrs) from January 1, 2020 until January 4th, 2020. We chose the hotel because our friend visited the resort with similar age kids (4-6yrs old) and their kids loved the resort and experiences. <Room> Very spacious and big enough for 2 adults and 2 kids. 2 adults slept in the King Bed and 2 kids slept in the sofa bed. The swimming pool was heated (temperature goes up to 32 ℃), so we were able to swim despite our worry that it may be too cold to swim in January. I loved their huge bathroom, which gave us enough room to keep our 3 big suitcases open. A few issues I had about the room was level of cleanness of the room when we checked in. The cushion on the sofa had some new chocolate stain, which clearly showed that they did not check them when they clean and change it. The covers on deck chairs and cushion were quite dirty - some got hairs and got birds’ poo and I could see cleaner made it upside-down to hide them in stead of changing them to new one. We also had issues when we get the first cleaning service on the 2nd day. The toilet sheet and bath tub were very wet. There were dirty towels on the floor of the livingroom. The sofa bed were not folded back. Glasses used were removed from the room, but were not replaced. Things in the mini bar were not replaced neither. We have made complaints and these issues have been sorted on the day and cleaning had been done properly rest of our stay. <Food> The place is definitely not for people who are looking for gastronomy. The resort have 5 restaurants in total. KAHEELA is all day dining restaurant which serves breakfast, lunch & dinner. MOORISH is a restaurant serves dinner only. KANZAMAN served BBQ / Arabic food buffet outdoor on Friday only. FARMHOUSE is grill restaurant open for dinner and there is pool side bar opens for lunch. We have tried KAHEELA, MOORISH and KANZAMAN. KAHEELA & KANZAMAN serves more or less similar foods in buffet style while MOORISH serves spanish/moroccan foods. I am personally not a big fun of buffet, so did not really enjoy the food at KANZAMAN nor KAHEELA. (Note: breakfast buffet were ok.) I wish there is more choices for lunch as KAHEELA is the only restaurant there other than the poolside bar open for lunch. I tried to order a la carte at KAHEELA at lunch, but gave up the idea because I’ve been warned that it may take 45min to serve a la carte menu because chefs are busy for buffet. We had room service twice and I felt that were the best meals for us, except for 1h+ waiting time. (Make sure to order room service long ahead of lunch / dinner time...) <Activities> Their stuff for activities were super friendly and extremely nice. We could feel they were trying their best to entertain us. The resort is definitely worth coming for their friendly stuff and activities. Make sure to book activities before coming to the resort if you are coming in the peak season. - Wildlife Feeding (8:00am) : drive around the desert within the resort property in 4WD with a guide. The guide will stop a few places and called for Oryx and take photos with them. I enjoyed the tour the most as we could learn about the resort and different types of animals live in the area. The guide’s photo technique were amazing too. He took many nice photos of our family with wild animals on our background. We saw gazelles, oryxes and blackbuks. - Sunset Camel Caravan (4:30pm) : Ride a camel from the Activity Centre and walk up to stat gazing point near FARMHOUSE restaurant. (15-20 ride?) Once get there, you get off from the camel and enjoy the sunset with glasses of sparkling wine. The sunset was nice and romantic, but the actual camel ride itself were one we did outside the resort was better because it was longer and we met many wild camels along the way. - Pony Splash (9:30am) : Take cate of a pony by brushing them & cleaning their feet. After that they will let kid ride a horse (not pony) in the desert. Total activity lasted 45min+. My daughter said it was the best activity. (I found the pricing very reasonable too for what they can experience.) - Falcon Show (4:30pm) : It runs everyday at 4:30pm. You get to learn about the falcon, hawks, eagles and owls. The best part is you can hold them and take pictures with the birds. We have done twice this activities. - STARGAZING (7:00pm) : We go to the stargazing point a bit off from the stable by the hotel buggy. Then, guide will give you some lectures about constellations and let you look at starts with high spec telescope. The tour last around 45min. It’s not a private tour and we had around 20+ppl in the tour. It was quite disappointed for me as I was expecting them to take me to pitch black place to see amazing # of stars. The place is quite blight and you will see the similar amount of stars from your villa. If you are looking for some lecturers about constellations and stats, then may worth it. Not worth it if you are expecting to see amazing night sky with millions of stars.(Also, I found the price was expensive for what it is...) Having said that the guide did very good job explaining about stars. - Catch & Release Fishing (12:00pm) : Good mini entertainment for kids, but better do it in the morning or later in the afternoon. It was too hot for us to do it at noon! My 6yrs old daughter was able to fish 6 fishes by herself and the guide (Mr Wilson) catched small fishes with a net to entertain my 3yrs old daughter. We wanted to do QUAD BIKE, but the resort has age restrictions (4yrs old or above) for their activities while we found the similar activity outside the resort without the age restrictions, so we have done it outside. I am mentioning here just because QUAD BIKE was definitely worth doing it while you are here. My older daughter loved it and we ended up doing twice. <Kids Club> They have nice playground and facility itself is not too bad. I hope they do more activities that are unique to the resort rather than just offering some art craft activities indoor. I also want them to offer a baby sitting services in the kids club with even some extra cost as we cannot drop off kids below 4yrs old while many activities have age restrictions of 4yrs old or above. They offer outdoor movie night everyday at 6:00-7:30pm and my daughters love it. You can ask them to order room service for them to eat while watching the movie. <Others> - Bicycles : The hotel provides bicycles for every guests. We ride bicycles to go everywhere within the resort. My kids love this and I found it much more convenient than calling a buggy. (It takes 15min+ to call a buggy in the resort...) - Airport Transport : We booked 7 seater van from Dubai city on our way to the resort and to the airport on our way back. The cost was AED 540 each. I think it worth ordering it because Uber 7 seater will cost about the same while no guarantee of nice car vs the van organized by the resort was very nice and clean. - Service : Main issue they have is mis communications or lack of communications between their stuffs. Our activity & restaurant schedule were already pre booked and we have received schedule upon check-in, but they have managed to mess it up several time. When you ask for the status, they gave us “it’s on its way” as a default answer without checking the actual status nor following up with the relevant person. This drove me completely mad as I had to call or ask several times to get something I need with looong waiting time. (Note: After many many complaints, they finally fixed the issue and I had a lovely stay after 2nd day.) - Planning : It would have been more helpful if the hotel could provide some suggested activities or more details on activities they provide prior to arrival. We booked all activities prior to our arrival, but I had difficulties finding information about the details of activities. They just simply send us the brochure and even you get copy & paste answer from the brochure when ask them specific questions of each activities. Hence, I had to dig and read many ppl’s review on the trip advisors to understand each activities before deciding the activities. (I’ve added as much details as I can here because I found it was very helpful for me.)


Indlæg af 45peterp North Palm Beach, Florida

Wonderful stay

We stayed at RC ras Al Khaimah in December with the whole family, 2 adults and two small children. I have to say it was exceeding all my expectations, the villa with pool was great, spacious, private. The resort is very peaceful, fantastic relaxation, getting around on bicycles was a great joy. I have to say that the staff did everything they could to make our stay as good as possible, we will return for sure.


Indlæg af josephg493 Hongkong, Kina

thanks to shiva jessica javed darlington kahjeer neha

so many of you made our stay so wonderful. might have spelled some of your names wrong, sorry. might have overlooked a few who were excellent too. weather was beautiful when we went there, the khaimah tent was amazing, seafood was particularly delicious, the rainforest was the best we’ve had yet. tried horse riding and javed was a great company. went to see the birds and darlington welcomed us and we learned a little more about falcons hawks and owls. got real close to oryxes when we did the wildlife feeding. couldn’t have been happier.


Indlæg af mohamadc151

The best desert experience

A very nice stay I had with my family, in a huge tented villa with its private swimming pool. Staff were amazing, and they made an excellent job to satisfy our vacation. A superb destination if anyone is thinking of an escape without catching a flight!